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Hi, my name is Sharon Fox. I am a  Micropigmentologist , certified through the National Academy of Permanent Cosmetics in Redmond Washington. I have been performing cosmetic tattoo procedures for 9 years. I am also a licensed Esthetician, so I can address most of your skin care needs.  
   I work in a medical office where I perform permanent cosmetic application in the form of eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip liner/coloring.  I apply these through a cosmetic tattooing procedure that implants pigments to enhance natural features.  My techniques aren't meant to provide heavy or brightly colored makeup looks, but instead  to create a fresh alive look eliminating your need to apply makeup every morning.  I feel that if you want a heavy or colorful makeup look you can always apply before you go out. Additionally, if after your first procedure you decide that you want more color or density  enhancement, then this can be performed at your 6 week re-check.  I want to help you achieve that fresh awake look with subtle, yet defined feature enhancement.   
It is important to know that the placement of micropigment within the skin is not as easy as just choosing a color you like, and implanting it. All skin types have color undertones. The combination of a pigment, as well as the undertone base color of your skin is what creates the final color.  I work with you to determine what color and density you want, examine your natural skin tones, and make suggestions regarding what pigment color to choose for implantation.  Often, color patch testing is performed to get a more specific idea of how your skin will respond to different pigments. Color testing involves implanting a small amount of several different shades of a pigment color in an inconspicuous region of the area receiving the procedure. I then have you return  6-8 weeks later, view and discuss the results, then together we decide which pigment provides you with the desired outcome. Then I perform  the complete procedure.



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